The welcome mat is out for you and your pet

Pets in specific yurts and cabins are allowed in 21 campgrounds statewide. There’s a $10 per night fee to help us cover the additional costs to keep these pet-friendly units open. Limit two pets. Pets are defined as dogs or cats.

To book your stay, call Reservations Northwest at 1-800-452-5687, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. All pet friendly yurts and cabins must be reserved over the phone. Sorry, no online reservations.

Pets in Parks



Park Rustic Yurt Rustic Cabin Deluxe Yurt Deluxe Cabin ADA
Beverly Beach Y       Y
Bullards Beach Y       Y
Cape Blanco   Y      
Cape Lookout Y     Y Y
Champoeg Y Y     Y
Devils Lake Y       Y
Emigrant Springs   Y     Y
Fort Stevens Y     Y  
Harris Beach Y       Y
Honeyman Y       Y
Stub Stewart   Y     Y
LaPine   Y     Y
Nehalem Bay Y       N
Prineville       Y Y
Silver Falls   Y     Y
South Beach Y       Y
Sunset Bay Y       Y
Tumalo Y       Y
Umpqua River Lighthouse     Y   Y
Valley of the Rogue Y       N
William M. Tugman Y       Y